How to make orange-flavoured chiffon cake


Step 1: Prepare the tools(see first picture) and 1 fresh orange.(picture 2)
Step 2: Cut the orange into half. Squeeze one half of the orange into orange juice. Put the orange juice in a bowl first. (picture 3)
Step 3: Prepare 5 eggs.
Step 4: Separate the egg yolk and egg white( for all 5 eggs) (picture 4)

Step 5: Put the egg yolk into a bowl.
Step 6: Pour 5 TBSP full of orange juice into the bowl (picture 1) and add in 70g sugar
Step 7: Pour 5 TBSP full of olive oil into the bowl (picture 2)
Step 8: Mix well gently.
Step 9: Add in 150g of flour into the bowl and mix well. (picture 4)

Step 10: In a mixer, add in the 75g sugar slowly and beat the egg white until it becomes stiff (refer to picture 1)
Step 11: Pour the mixture in step 9 together with the mixture in step 10(picture 2) and mix well.
Step 12: Pour the mixture in step 11 into the Chiffon cake mould (picture 3)
Step 13: Make it flat/nice/smooth. (picture 4)

Step 14: Bake it at 160 deg for 30 mins. Afterwards, bake it for 10 mins at 180 deg
Step 15: Remove the cake from the oven and place the chiffon cake mould upside down for the cake to cool down.
Step 16: Remove the cake from the chiffon cake mould and you are done!!!