How to buy cryptocurrency on Binance in Malaysia

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How to buy cryptocurrency on Binance in Malaysia

There is a way to buy cryptocurrency on Binance in Malaysia. You can directly purchase from other users through Binance P2P. Before purchasing, you need to signup a Binance account. After finish registered a Binance account, then select P2P trading from the Homepage. Next, you can select local fiat currency (MYR) and cryptocurrency you wish to purchase. Then, choose the seller based on the competitive price and minimum limit transaction. It is recommended to purchase from the seller that have small tick icon, high number of trades and high completion rate percentage. Last but not least, enter the amount you wish to purchase and bank transfer to the counterparty. The purchased cryptocurrency will deposited to your Binance account once the transaction is successful. If you do not receive the cryptocurrency after 15 minutes, you can contact the seller through “Phone” or “Chat” icon in Binance. If you wish to appeal, you can upload proof and reason for appeal and customer support will assists you shortly.

Step 1 : Click P2P Trading

Step 2 : Select cryptocurrency you wish to buy

Step 3 : Choose a seller

Step 4 : Enter the amount and transfer the money directly to the seller