How Maybank changing due to covid-19?

When I reached Maybank, I need to queue up in front of Maybank with a social distance of one metre from each other while waiting for my turn. There are also one line specially for senior citizen to queue up as well. When it is my turn, the staff used a handheld device to check for my body temperature. Then, he press some hand sanitiser for me. Next, I need to write down today’s date, name, contact number and whether got travel to others country during MCO. After that, before I reach front counter, the staff request me to stand in the place with warning adhesive tape around it before I can ask question. After I take numbers from front counters and wait for my turn, I realise chair beside me also stick with warning adhesive tape showing cross shape.

If you need to withdraw, bank in money or bank in cheque to machine you can direct go into the bank.

From paragraph above, did you count social distance practised by Maybank? Share your experience in others government agency or premise.