GrabFood delivery fees now as low as RM2

To find the GrabFood options with lower delivery fees, there will be a ‘Delivery Fees RM4.00 and below’ option when you scroll through the options. Press ‘See All’ to look through the options in your area.

The price of the fee also depends on how far your place is from the nearest area, so you might not see a RM2 option if you live a bit further away from a nearby option. It looks like the delivery fee is RM3 is the restaurant located between 1-2km, and RM4 for distances between 2-3km.

You might have also noticed a ‘Free Delivery’ category in GrabFood. This is not necessarily a shop that offers no delivery charges, but they are options that offer the ‘MY Free Delivery Promo’ coupon—which includes a few terms like up to 5 redemptions per user and a minimum order of RM25.

Signature Value Packages

You can purchase the GrabFood Signatures Value Packages save up to RM50 on each order from their favourite GrabFood Signatures restaurants.

But this deal can only be used for the restaurants available in the “GrabFood Signatures MY” category.

The discount vouchers can be used for over 1,000 restaurant-partners nationwide with no minimum spend required. It comes in 3 packages to suit your budget as well.

  • RM4.90 per month package which gives you a 15% off discount for 5 orders
  • RM9.90 per month package which gives you a 15% off discount for 15 orders
  • RM14.90 per month package which give you a 15% discount for 30 orders

Guide on how to purchase and use the GrabFood Signatures Value Packages:

  1. Tap on the ‘GrabFood Signatures Packages’ banner on the top of the GrabFood page. If you don’t find it, keep swiping until you do.
  2. Select a package and pay with GrabPay Wallet.
  3. Your set of vouchers will be placed in your My Rewards page upon successful purchase.
  4. Tap on ‘Use Now’ to use your voucher. Select a GrabFood Signatures restaurant and place your order.
  5. Your 15% discount will then be automatically reflected in your order.

Source: Soya Cincau

Budget conscious customers did not order food using Grab just because of the delivery fee is expensive. So this step will increase number of people using Grab for food delivery.