Grab Driver wastes 20 minutes without riding passenger to maintain the rating?
(Puchong 7th days news) The Grab driver rather circle in place to refuse to carry the passenger, rather than initiative to cancel the Grab order to avoid the reduction of the rating.

According to the video in TikTok posted by @mijohamnida, she mentioned that the Grab driver would rather waste 20 minutes to circle in place rather than waste 3 minutes to ride her. She points out that driver according to the application instructions, the driver just needs 3 minutes to arrive at the passenger`s destination. However, the driver did not follow the instructions and the time was raised from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. Based on this condition, the girl tried to contact the driver but did not get any response.

This video attracted a lot of people to discuss, many people require the Grab company to handle this incident, there is also someone who shared his experience that the driver hoped the passenger cancel the order as the driver didn’t want to the designated place.

Source link: China Press