Google Assistant on your phone: Make your life easier

Did u ever try or realise Google Assistant on your phone?

Google Assistant

How to activate Google Assistant?

Just touch and hold home button or say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”

What Google Assistant can do for you?

1. Manage tasks

It can help you to set alarm, timer as well as reminder.
For example:

“Wake me up at 7am”
“Set 30 minute timer for my cake”
“Remember where I parked”

2. Communication

It can help to send message or make a call with contact information in your phone
For example:

“Text mum I’ll be there on time”
“Read my messages”

3. Google Search

It can help you to search anything on Google
For example:

“Show me easy recipes”
“What should I eat today?”

4. News

It can play latest news for you
For example:

“Play me the news”
“What is the latest business news?”

5. Local information

It can help to check local or forecast weather, nearby restaurants or etc
For example:

“What’s the weather like?”
“Show me the best restaurants near me”

6. Open application

It can open an application in your phone with voice commands
For example:

“Ok Google, open Gmail”

7. Real-time translation

It can help you to translate text
For example:

“How do you say ‘hello’ in Italian?”
“Be my English interpreter”

8. Music

It can help to play music in Spotify or Youtube when you are driving or workout. It can help to adjust volume on your phone as well.
For example:

“Play relaxing music”
“Play workout music”
“Adjust volume to 50%”

9. Games and more

It can tell you a joke, give you challenge or etc
For example:

“Play a game”
“Give me a random challenge”
“Tell me a joke”

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Did you found any actions that is interesting or cool from Google Assistant? Share it with me.

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