Foreigners take over empty Puchong home, baffle property owner

A man was taken aback when he discovered that his friend’s vacant house in Puchong, Selangor, had been illegally occupied by foreigners. Sharing the incident on Facebook, he explained that his friend, residing on the East Coast, had enlisted his help in selling the property.

Despite the owner’s assertion that the house had remained unoccupied for years, the man found several foreigners inside, unable to communicate with them. Shockingly, these occupants boldly fetched water from a neighbor’s house. After communicating with their supervisor, believed to be a Bangladeshi, it was revealed that they had been living in the house without paying rent for an extended period.

In response, the man advised the owner to report the incident to the police and expressed his intention to report the matter to the Immigration Department. He emphasized the need for vigilance among property owners, especially those with vacant houses, considering the situation as a wake-up call.

Source Link: NST