For Malaysia's Merdeka festivities, the world's tallest structure, Burj Khalifa, illuminates with "Jalur Gemilang."

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 — As Malaysia celebrated its Merdeka yesterday, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa lit up in Malaysian colours to commemorate the celebration.

A 49-second clip was shared on official Burj Khalifa’s Facebook page showing the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ projected on the skyscraper.

“Tonight, we light up #BurjKhalifa in celebration of Malaysia’s National Day, wishing them further growth and stability.”

#BurjKhalifa celebrates Malaysia’s National Day and wishes the people of Malaysia prosperity and happiness.”

The post has garnered over 5,000 likes and has been shared over 1,000 times on Facebook.

Malaysians including the Senior Minister of Defence Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein left appreciative comments.

A similar clip was also shared on the official Istana Negara’s social media pages including their TikTok, Facebook and Instagram page.

It also stated in the post that the Negaraku anthem was also played in the background during the light projection show.

On Istana Negara’s TikTok, the 15-seconds clip has been viewed over 200,000 times with over 700 comments from proud Malaysians.

“Wah, I’m touched by this,” emma_one8686 commented.

“Proud to be Malaysian,” commented _athirahj.

“Thank you Dubai, for celebrating Malaysia’s Independence Day too,” commented user iera_82.

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the 828 metres Burj Khalifa by Emaar is the current tallest skyscraper in the world.

Source: MalayMail