First Pet Identity Card in Malaysia to help owners if pet missing

PETALING JAYA, Dec 8 — Your dogs can now get their personalised “identity cards" thanks to the creative team behind Paw Life Matters.

Filled with information such as lost and found contacts, vet contact, allergies and microchip number, the card is vital to reunite lost dogs and their owners.

According to its Instagram post, the inception behind the card was to be able spot missing dogs as details and particulars in the card are hooked on dogs’ collars.

The Paw Life Matters website also features another identity card that owners can keep known as a “Pet ID Card” as legitimate proof if their dogs are missing and if owners want to get their dogs back.

This card is also the same size as any credit card - in which owners can put them in their wallets but its size differs from the ones that dogs have around their collars.

A portion of the money from the sales of the ‘identity cards’ will also be used to rescue stray dogs and get basic essentials such as purchasing food, vaccinations and getting a proper shelter for the rescued pooches.

The identity cards are sold at RM35 each and can be purchased through their Instagram page or their website.

Source: Malay Mail

Seem like all efforts made is to prevent loss or missing, what about vehicle?