Exclusive | Chinese middle school student killed in car accident, family members beg witnesses to come forward

A 16-year-old Chinese secondary school student went for a motorcycle ride with his friends on the Vesak Day public holiday. Unexpectedly, he got into a car accident on the way home and died the next day from his injuries. Now his family is crying for witnesses to come forward to clarify the cause of the accident!

Sadly, after the secondary school student was involved in a car accident, his sister happened to pass by the accident scene, but she did not expect that the person involved in the accident was her own brother.

The case occurred at about 4 to 5 pm on the 22nd of this month on the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) towards Puchong, near the elevated section from Bandar Bukit Puchong to Subang in Selangor; the deceased was only 16 years old and was studying in a secondary school.

Ms. Xu called on witnesses to come forward and restore the truth of her brother’s accident.

The third sister of the deceased, Ms. Xu (22 years old), revealed in a telephone interview with China Press this morning that her brother went out for a ride on three motorcycles with three friends on Vesak Day, but unexpectedly had a car accident on the way home and could never return home.

She said that her family only knew that her brother had a car accident after receiving a call from the hospital, and was also told that her brother was seriously injured and was undergoing surgery.

“Unexpectedly, the next afternoon, my brother died due to serious injuries. Everything happened very suddenly.”

She pointed out that after the car accident, she tried to ask the three friends who were traveling with her brother, but they said that her brother lost control and overturned because he wanted to overtake.

She revealed that according to the preliminary investigation by the police, the results showed that the cause of her brother’s car accident was inconsistent with their testimonies, and she believed that the other party’s testimony was full of errors and omissions, and even often changed his testimony, so she was urgently looking for witnesses to restore the cause of the car accident.

She said that when her brother had a car accident, she happened to be passing by on the opposite road and found that the road was heavily congested, but she did not expect that the one who had a car accident was her family.

She pointed out that after the accident, she had checked the CCTV near the scene and sought help on major social platforms, but she still had no clue.

Ms. Xu finally pleaded with witnesses to come forward and provide evidence to give justice to her brother. If you have relevant information, please contact her (017-3133577).


Source link: Chinapress