Employee eating at table myBurgerLab almost get fine of RM25,000?

PETALING JAYA, May 17 — A myBurgerLab employee narrowly escaped a hefty fine after police spotted him eating a meal at a table inside the restaurant.

The confusion began on Sunday evening after enforcement officers came by the chain’s Sunway outlet and assumed that the employee in question was a dine-in customer as he had not changed into his uniform yet.

Restaurants are only allowed to fulfil takeaways and deliveries during the ongoing movement control order (MCO) to rein in Covid-19.

myBurgerLab director and co-founder Renyi Chin told Malay Mail that the police planned to issue a RM25,000 fine for the employee and the business, but noted that the amount to be paid by each party was not specified.

myBurgerLab stated that they were initially at a loss at how to handle the situation and said the enforcement officers were “unsympathetic” during the incident.

“Are staff supposed to hide in the corner to eat? Must all employees have uniforms to be considered a staff?

“What are the rules? Half-baked standard operating procedures (SOPs) and MCOs are dished out as you please, we have no choice but to just abide and follow.

“It really feels like the governing body is out to get every one of us,” myBurgerLab wrote on Facebook.

myBurgerLab also claimed that the police had told employees to “be smart” and “hide” after being asked where restaurant workers are allowed to take their meal breaks during the MCO.

The business then posted an update at 8.15pm yesterday saying that the fine had been replaced with a “warning” after myBurgerLab showed a letter of employment for the staff member and evidence of his schedule for the day’s dinner shift.

Chin told Malay Mail that they have yet to receive clear instructions from the authorities regarding restaurant workers taking meal breaks inside the premises.

He added that myBurgerLab will continue to allow its employees to eat at the table during staff meals while strictly adhering to SOPs.

Source: Malay Mail

It’s not reasonable to fine employee. They are just taking meal break on the table at their working place. Maybe to avoid police’s confusion of customer and staff, staff can wear lanyard to help police easily identify them.