Do You Know........About Facial Recognition Technology?

Do You Know? About Facial Recognition Technology?

Image Source: NEC Corporation

Facial recognition technology is artificial intelligence(AI) that uses algorithms to identify facial patterns.

Its software reds the geometry of a face captured by a camera or video to create a unique code or ‘faceprint’ and compare the information on its database.

Facial recognition technology is widely used at airports, workplace and schools but is now utilised for large scale gatherings such as exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

The technology is commonly used to unlock smartphone screens but inexpensive phones using not so advanced algorithms can be easily fooled by printed photos shown to the screen.

To mitigate health risks like Covid-19, businesses have been forced to adopt this “low touch economy” technology. In Malaysia, locally-made body temperature scanners incorporated this technology to record attendance and assist in contact tracing.

Facial recognition technology has attracted controversy due to privacy concerns, that the centralised database of the biometric data could be compromised or stolen. Removing information such as location and date from photos that are uploaded to social media platforms, cleaning up files and blurring or pixelating image before uploading are some ways to prevent surveillance system from feeding off you images.

Information Sources: TheStar