Discourse: How to Resize Image in Table using Markdown Language

As we know markup language to create table is

| Title | Title |
| — | — |
| content | content |

When we upload an image, image resolution is automatically included

![ img alt text | resolution ]( path )

But if this code is included in table column, image is not shown as in Result 1. This is because symbol use to separate image resolution from alt text is same as symbol to separate column.

Thus you need to include backslash symbol, \ to escape delimiter so that symbol to separate resolution won’t read as a new column.

![ img alt text \| resolution ]( path )

With this, the image is shown as in Result 2 and you can resize the image from 100% to 75% or 50%.

Result 1 Result 2
Before After
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Do you like to use markup language? What problem do you faced or solved while using markup language? Comment below.

I thought it is calling as Markdown ?

ya sorry :sweat_smile:, should be markdown language