Discord Newest Scam

Recently, there is a scam appearing in Discord.
So basically you will receive an invitation link from your friend in discord to join a server named “Anime Community” and they will call you to check general.
After u click the link to join server, you will noticed that you are required to scan a QR code to login.
Then u will noticed that nothing happens when u scan the code.But at the same time,they already used your profile to spread this invitation link and message “Check General” to your contact in Discord without notifying you.

So what can you do after you accidentally scan the QR code?
1.Change your discord account password immediately.
2.Inform your contact in discord to not join server and scan the qr code.
3.Delete invitation link and message sent to your friends in discord to avoid those who are not online to to be scam also.
4.Report Server & Quit Server