Deen Rojak Cendol: Satisfy Your Cravings in Puchong

A roadside rojak and cendol stall under a canopy of trees has become popular with Puchong residents. (Dinesh Kumar Maganathan @ FMT Lifestyle)

If you’re ever in Puchong and need a quick and refreshing cendol fix, head to Deen Rojak Cendol, a roadside stall in Bandar Puteri Puchong. On any given afternoon, you’ll find residents of Puchong flocking to this stall, which is cozily tucked away under shady trees, to enjoy a bowl of creamy and delicious cendol.

So why cendol is worth trying? Well, according to Mr. Mohan, an Indian national originally from Thanjavur, who is the stall owner, only uses the freshest ingredients - coconut milk, palm sugar, cincau and green rice flour jelly.

The stall features four enticing varieties: regular rojak, rojak with noodles, rojak with squid, and a delightful combination of noodles and squid in rojak.

The rich rojak sauce, with its harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, perfectly enhances the flavors of tofu, boiled eggs, shredded cucumber, prawn fritters, and fried dough fritters.

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