Coronavirus: 3 Types of Face Mask to consider

1. Surgical mask

surgical mask

  • Loosely fit
  • Have 2 colors: blue or green
  • Use by general public

2. N95 face mask

N95 mask

  • Closely fit
  • Protect from airborne particles
  • Use by healthcare workers

3. Pitta mask

pitta mask

  • Washable & reusable
  • Use by general public

Mistakes when wearing face mask

  1. The mask covered only mouth leaving nose exposed or covered until mouth but not until chin area
  2. Constantly touching the mask surface
  3. Pulling mask under chin for conversation or eating and after that pulled back again
  4. Reusing mask

Right Way to Wear Face Mask

  1. Colored part of mask facing outside while white part of mask facing inside. In others words, white part facing your mouth. Colored (blue or green) part prevent germs from sticking on it while white part soak droplets from your cough or sneeze

  2. Make sure to pull the mask until it is below your chin area
    (Not below your nose or until your mouth only)

How to wear a mask

Do you wear mask when go public places? Did you wear it correctly?