Cobbler Service at Bandar Puteri Puchong

I had bought a pair of Salomon Hiking shoe from LazMall Salomon at Aug 2018 cost me RM280+.

Ya, i understand it was discounted item with no warranty from Salomon, therefore i have no complaint while i found the glue of the head of sole was fall off after a month i am wearing. I do not know whether am i a heavy hiker, but i did go hiking every weekend.

After 5 month i enjoy with the best grip of the shoe, i found out my shoe start to have a small hole at the left side. RM280 just for 5 months usage? Frankly speaking, i do feel my heart is pain.

Therefore i decide to send my Salomon to cobbler service, i wish to extend the lifespan as the grip of the shoe still working pretty well.

Here is the cobbler i had sent my shoe. Location at Bandar Puteri Puchong (Public bank corner)

I had try to find few cobbler nearby, but is not all of them do the stitching service beside this uncle.
Location map: Google Maps

Uncle charge me RM6 to stitch my shoe and help me glue back the sole as well.
Even though my sister laughing at me after i show her my Salomon after stitched, but i do feel satisfied the lifespan of my Salomon could be extended.

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