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49-G Jalan Puteri 2/3 Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday : 11:45am - 11:00pm

Introduction :

Wolf Grandma Traditional Shi Chuan Steamboat is a renowned restaurant that specializes in authentic Szechuan-style steamboat cuisine. Located in [Location], it has gained a reputation for serving flavorful and spicy hotpot dishes that showcase the rich and bold flavors of Szechuan cuisine. With its inviting and cozy atmosphere, Wolf Grandma offers a delightful dining experience for steamboat enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Location and Accessibility :

Wolf Grandma Traditional Shi Chuan Steamboat is conveniently located at 30, Jalan Bandar 13, Pusat Bandar Puchong in Selangor, Malaysia. The restaurant’s central location makes it easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

Operating Hours :

Wolf Grandma Traditional Shi Chuan Steamboat operates from Monday to Sunday, welcoming guests from 12:30pm to 10:30pm. Whether you’re craving a delicious lunch or a satisfying dinner, Wolf Grandma is ready to serve you with their delectable Szechuan steamboat dishes.

What to expect :

Customers visiting Wolf Grandma Traditional Shi Chuan Steamboat can expect a delightful dining experience filled with the rich flavors of Szechuan cuisine. The restaurant prides itself on offering a wide variety of fresh ingredients and high-quality cuts of meat for their steamboat dishes. Customers can look forward to a satisfying and interactive meal, where they can cook their chosen ingredients in the flavorful and aromatic broth right at their table. With attentive and friendly staff, customers can also expect excellent service and assistance in selecting the perfect combination of ingredients and sauces to suit their taste preferences. The cozy ambience and comfortable seating arrangement create an inviting atmosphere for enjoying a memorable dining experience with friends and family.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Wolf Grandma Traditional Shi Chuan Steamboat offers a delightful culinary journey into the world of Szechuan cuisine. With its convenient location, inviting ambience, and a wide range of fresh ingredients, this restaurant provides a memorable dining experience for customers