Burglary tragedy in Puchong During MCO (Owner loses RM10k )

PUCHONG (April 13): It never rains, but pours for the owner of a restaurant here. He was shocked to find out that his shop was burgled last night, resulting in him suffering total losses of around RM10,000, reported by China Press.

The owner, who is already being negatively impacted by poor business due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), is now very upset that he could not continue with his business as the burglars have taken away his cash register machine and computer which he used to take orders.

View full story here ( https://www.edgeprop.my//content/1671811/puchong-restaurant-burgled-during-mco-owner-loses-rm10k )

People should come together as a whole and stop doing bad things like this, especially when we are currently on a downturn of this covid-19 tragedy

LI too :sneezing_face: