Boost now also support DuitNow QR transactions

Boost is the latest eWallet player to support DuitNow QR, Malaysia’s national QR code standard. With this integration, Boost eWallet users can pay at merchants that display the pink DuitNow QR code.

To make a payment, just launch your Boost app, tap on “Scan & Pay” on the bottom of the screen and select “I scan them”. You’ll need to enter the amount to pay and confirm your purchase with your 6-digit pin or with Face ID or fingerprint authentication.

According to the official FAQ, there are no charges for making DuitNow QR transactions. You can view your past payments from the Boost app’s Transaction History. If there are payment disputes, you are urged to settle with the merchant directly if you’re still at the premise. If there are further complaints, you can report to Boost customer service through the app, via their website or by email.

To recap, DuitNow QR allows businesses to accept QR code payments from various banks and eWallet players with just one code. This eliminates the need of displaying multiple QR codes on the counter and they can just maintain one acquirer account to receive payment.

At the moment, DuitNow QR is supported by most banks and several eWallet players in Malaysia. ShopeePay is the first eWallet to support it, followed by Touch ‘n Go eWallet. BigPay has recently announced that it will support the unified QR code by Q2 2021, while Grab says they are still working towards launching the support soon.

For more info, you can check out Boost’s FAQ on DuitNow QR.

Source: SoyaCincau

So as consumer we are surely happy with this. It is also easier for business to display the QR code. But what about the banks and eWallet players? What’s their benefit to support DuitNow QR?