All you need to know about Malaysia passport renewal


The Malaysian Immigration Department announced that Malaysian international passport renewals must now be done online. This means that you won’t be able to renew your passports at your nearby immigration office (except for some cases). So, how do you get started, and what do you need to prepare?

Due to the surge in demand for passport renewals, the Immigration Department had announced that renewals must be done online from 11 May 2022. Appointments made with the Malaysian Immigration Department’s online-based appointment system (STO) from 11 May 2022 onwards are also no longer valid.

However, online-only passport renewals are not for everyone. First-timers, citizens above the age of 60, children under the age of 13, citizens going for Haji, students studying abroad ages 21 and under, if you have a problem with your fingerprint, as well as citizens who have damaged or lost passports can still walk in. In fact, those with damaged or lost passports are not allowed to apply for new passports online.

How do I renew my passport online?

  • Visit Immigration’s website and click the blue “Setuju” button to continue (Note that the English language option of the website didn’t work for me)
  • You would then need to fill in the information in the MyOnline Passport form, including selecting if you’re 18 years old and above, or below 18
  • Under “No Documen”, fill in your passport number
  • Under “No Pengenalan Semasa”, its example might be confusing as it’s an example of a mobile phone number. But it’s for your ID such as your IC number. You can select the type of ID number in the “Kategori” section next to it
  • Select the immigration office closest or most convenient to you for collection under “Pejabat Pungutan”
  • Other options in the form include added information of the guardian if you’re filling it out for someone below the age of 18

After confirming your details, you’re taken to a page where it tells you that you need to make sure your passport is still in good condition (not lost, not drawn on, has not been wet or has not ripped). You need to also make sure that the information you typed is correct, and that the photo that you will be uploading is a current photo.

The next page gives you instructions on what kind of passport picture you’re allowed to upload. You’re able to take them yourself either with a tripod or with the help of someone else if you’re able to—as long as you meet the specifications above. You can’t be too far away, or too near, and the photo needs to be well lit. But if you’re not familiar with how to take the correct photos yourself, I’d suggest you go to your nearest photo studio to get them done. Just ask them to email you the photos so you can upload them online yourself.

The last page includes a section for you to upload your passport photo. Underneath the section, there will be an area about your current passport. You’ll need to verify the information as well as make sure you add the correct home address and email—and other personal information.

The price to renew your passport is RM200 if you’re 13 years old to 59 years old. It’s priced at RM100 for citizens 60 years old and above, kids 12 years old and below, students 21 years old and below, and for those going for Haji. It is free of charge for OKU citizens.

Payment can be made through FPX, debit card, or credit card online. If you’re able to renew your passport at the immigration office, you can pay with cash. You can find more information through their site.

The Immigration offices have also started to extend their passport office hours, so you can pick your passport up at a more leisurely time when it’s done. Certain offices, like in Wilayah Perseketuan, Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, and Melaka will operate until 10pm. Offices in Perak, Pahang, Kedah, Penang, Perlis, and Terengganu will operate until 6pm, and all passport offices will open every Saturday from 8am to 12.30pm.

Source: SoyaCincau

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