Air Selangor: Check water supply status for your area in Hentitugas website

Air Selangor, responsible for providing water in the Klang Valley, has been having water disruptions this week due to upgrading and maintenance work at the Sungai Selangor Water Treatment Plant (LRA SSP1).

If you want to check out the affected areas and find out more about the disruption, you can use the Hentitugas website by Air Selangor. On the website, you can find a home page with water supply and service updates, as well as affected areas, public water tap locations, and more.

How to use the Hentitugas website to check your water supply status

Just go to and you will be greeted with a page showing all the current water supply disruption events. You can click on ‘More Details’ to find out more about the event that is affecting you.

You can then click on ‘Affected Areas’ and find a map of detailing the status of every area, with red meaning ‘still affected’, yellow meaning ‘low pressure’, and green meaning ‘restored’.

You can also type in the search bar to check the status of a specific location. If you scroll down, you can find out the estimated recovery times and recovery percentages for each region.

Clicking on ‘Map Focus’ for an area will target that area on the map and give you more information.

If you need help from Air Selangor, you can go to the ‘Help Centre’ and make an enquiry, make a complaint, or request for a reconnection.

There are also maps showing public water taps and commercial water filling stations near your area. Public water taps are alternative water supplies provided to those affected by the water supply disruptions. If you want to navigate to one, you can click on the location and it will automatically open up in Google Maps or Waze.

Lastly, you can go to the ‘Incident Status Update’ page to check for any updates and read the FAQ page to learn more about the disruption.

Air Selangor’s water supply is expected to fully recover at 9:00 pm, 16 October 2021, but feel free to check the website to know the estimated time of recovery in your area.

Source: SoyaCincau

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