80% sale on Ubisoft!

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Billy Joel colored my opinion of discount racks from a very early age. When he sang that if he didn’t stay relevant, “I get put in the back in the discount rack,” teenaged Dave felt terrible that his album might be marked down. But I’ve reconciled my aversion to discounts and try to heed Cheapskate Rick’s advice never to buy a game at full price. Because no sooner than you do, something like this happens: Ubisoft is having a sitewide sale with nearly all games as much as 80% off .

See it at Ubisoft

If you want to take advantage of the sale, my advice is to browse carefully and do some comparison shopping, because I found the prices for many of the games were a sale by Ubisoft standards, perhaps, but no better than what you can find next door at Amazon. Here are some of the deals that look intriguing, by which I mean they’re substantially cheaper than what I could find elsewhere:

There’s an extra discount lurking here as well. If you add either Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate ($45) or Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition ($27.50) to your cart, everything is an additional 20% off. That’s 20% off in addition to the discount already applied – which is a pretty sweet deal.

News Source: Big sale in Ubisoft town: Save up to 80% on games sitewide

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