7 Things that Make iPhone Users Jealous of Android Phone Users

The never-ending debate between Android and iOS owners regarding which platform is better feels like it will never be truly settled. Both sides have their share of valid talking points, ranging from security and encryption for iPhone users to customization and Google Assistant prowess on the Android side.

Right now, I want to highlight some of Android’s strengths that iOS just can’t do yet, from your being able to set default apps and use more than one app at a time to being able to completely customize the look of your phone.

Here are my favorite things Android users can do that person with iPhones can only dream of:

  1. Use the apps you want, not the apps Google wants you to use
  2. Google Assistant for the win
  3. Use two apps at once through split-screen mode
  4. Customize your homescreen just how you like it
  5. Use launchers to fully customize your phone
  6. Never get bored thanks to automatically changing wallpapers
  7. Watch a video and text at the same time

[ Read the full article here => https://www.cnet.com/how-to/7-things-your-android-phone-can-do-that-make-iphone-users-jealous/ ]

I’m an Android user too. I am really satisfied with the functionality of my Android phone. The best part is the spilt-screen mode. It brings such a big convenience to let me run 2 mobile apps at the same time. So, are you an Android phone user or an iPhone user?