6 Popular E-wallet Comparison

6 Popular E-wallet

Fave Pay

It only available for selected partner on Fave mobile app.
Steps to pay with Fave Pay:

  1. Go to Me > My Payments
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.06.27 PM
  2. Add your payment methods (credit card or debit card, Boost, etc)
  3. Go back to homepage and Click ‘Scan Now’
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.41.02 PM
  4. Scan the QR code display at cashier or search for restaurant in Fave mobile app
  5. Key in the amount you need to pay and click ‘Pay Now’
  6. Confirm payment and show screen of confirmation to staff

You will get 10% cashback and valid to use it during next visit to this restaurant.


  1. Click ‘Scan and Pay’
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.15.32 PM
  2. Scan QR code display at cashier or present your QR code to cashier
  3. Key in the amount to pay
  4. Key in 6-digit PIN

Payment done and you will receive a shake rewards.

Touch 'n Go eWallet

  1. Click profile icon at top right
    Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 11.27.22 AM
  2. Click ‘My Bank Card(s)’
  3. Add credit card details
  4. Click ‘Reload eWallet’
  5. Enter amount and Click ‘Reload eWallet button’
  6. Click ‘Reload’ button beside your credit card

Steps to pay with TnGo:

  1. Click ‘Scan’ to scan QR code or ‘Pay’ to generate QR code for scanning
    Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 11.22.27 AM
  2. Enter and confirm amount
  3. Enter 6-digit PIN
    Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 11.22.39 AM

You will receive notification and e-receipt if payment success

Grab Pay

  1. Click Grab Pay icon at top right
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.33.25 PM
  2. Select ‘Pay’
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.27.53 PM
  3. Scan QR code or present QR code to cashier
  4. Enter and confirm amount

You will receive e-receipt if payment success

We Chat Pay

  1. Go to Me > Wallet
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.04.26 PM

  2. Click ‘Quick Pay’
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.04.34 PM

  3. Show smartphone to merchant for scanning

You will receive update on balance once transaction is made

Shopee Pay

  1. Go to Me > ShopeePay
    Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 2.21.20 PM
  2. Enter Shopee PIN
  3. Show QR code to staff for scanning

You will receive payment successful notification

I personally prefer Fave Pay as I can get double rewards :laughing:. I can earn Fave partner cashback and Boost shake rewards. I also earn Air Asia BIG points as well provided if I connected my BIG member account. What about you? Which e-wallet do you think on the rise?

Why no touch n go pay?

:sweat_smile: okay I will add in

i prefer grab pay then second is touch n go pay

grab pay more than fave pay in outlet? or just preference?