4 Police Officers Arrested for Breaking the Law!

Caught Drinking Mitragyna speciosa Water Together


(Kuala Lumpur, 9th) - Four police officers, who knowingly violated the law, were caught drinking kratom water together, leading to their arrest along with another companion!

During the operation, the authorities seized 18 kilograms of kratom leaves and 24 liters of kratom water.

Assistant Director Amir Zhan of the Bukit Aman Integrity and Standards Compliance Department (JIPS) stated that on the 4th of this month at 2:15 AM, a raid was conducted at a unit on Puchong Road in Kuala Lumpur, resulting in the arrest of four officers aged between 24 and 38.

In a press release issued this afternoon, he mentioned that the police confiscated items worth approximately 420 Malaysian Ringgit, including 18 kilograms of kratom leaves, 13.5 liters of kratom water, 5 sets of police uniforms, tools for processing kratom leaves, and 1,200 Malaysian Ringgit in cash.


He added that following intelligence, the Anti-Drug Unit of the Bukit Aman District Police detained a 30-year-old Malay drug addict on Old Klang Road on the 5th of this month, seizing approximately 10.5 liters of kratom water turned into beverages.

“Two other officers (31 to 35 years old) were also summoned to give statements to assist in the investigation,” he said.

He mentioned that the kratom leaves and water seized during the operation were estimated to be sufficient for the consumption of 180 people.

Referring to Section 30(3) of the Poison Act 1952, he stated that the suspects were detained until the 6th of this month for further investigation, and the four officer suspects were also suspended from duty.

He mentioned that the police are still investigating whether there are more officers involved and the source of this batch of kratom leaves. If the public has relevant information, they can contact: 03-22979222 (connected to 553) to assist the police in combating drug activities.

Resource: Chinapress