【 List Of Maybank ATM For New Banknotes Withdrawal 】

Maybank’s 89 ATMs can withdraw the new banknotes from now on, attached is the list of relevant ATMs

Every Lunar New Year, everyone likes to use the new banknotes to wrap red packets to get a brand new good intention. Therefore, every time before the New Year, people will go to various banks in the country to exchange new banknotes.

According to the news released by Maybank, people can pick up the new/replacement banknotes from January 19 to February 1 at selected ATMs in the country.

Maybank will place the new banknotes at ATMs in different states and regions of the country. The banknotes that you can exchange include RM10 and RM50.

Maybank offers new banknotes at 89 ATMs in 75 locations. Some ATMs only offer RM50 banknotes, while others only offer RM10 banknotes.

Here are the details of Maybank ATM locations where the new banknotes are available.