Souffle Dessert Cafe at Puchong Jaya


Souffle dessert cafe had been open for business number of months or maybe more than that and every time when we intend to go in, they were full house. Second time attempt to go, only notify that they were actually start operate at 3pm.

Hereby the operation hours board.

Today finally catch a good moment to have a try on their famous dessert - Pancake. Here i am, Souffle!!

Souffle location at second floor, and it could only reach with walk up staircase.

It a cosy place and nice interior.

Not surprising with the dessert price after visiting all those bongsu bongsu house from korean. More ever, it take time to prepare.

Let’s see some other dessert category

If read in detail, the menu actually did stated the time of preparing the dessert. Is a detail motive from Souffle to let customer notify how long they should wait for their dessert.

After i walk out from Souffle, only notify that ice-cream is one of their in house’s special.

Finally, as a coffee leg, my most concern menu would be…

da…la… coffee menu!! Unbelievable, the coffee price is consider low compare with some other cafe.

Here is my order:

Mango Souffle Pancake. It’s was taste like chiffon cake home made by my sis…lolz…

My friend request something less sweet, Classic waffle is the only option i could found for her from menu, and she was satisfied with the crispy waffle and the butter taste.

Finally, my coffee

Worth for price.

Souffle only accept cash and it was counter order and pay in advance before enjoy your dessert. Gentle reminder, there is 6% service charge will charge in your bill and it was excluded from the menu price.

Souffle Dessert Cafe
Address: 7, Jalan Kenari 19a, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-8074 9329
Google Map:

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