Latest News! The government announced that the second phase of the BKC assistance will be distributed on November 25


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ishmael Sabri announced that the second phase of the BKC will start on Thursday, November 25. Here are the details of the second phase of the special assistance payment & how to check it

The second phase of the BKC is only available to the extremely poor, while the B40 and M40 groups are not included in the second phase. Eligible people can check the BKC website or check their bank account directly from November 25 to see if they have received the second stage of BKC. If you do not have a bank account, you can go to the nearest BSN bank counter to receive the cash from November 25.

The amount of the second stage (Fasa 2) of the BKC is distributed to various groups: -]

Destitute families (income below poverty line RM2208): RM500 will be given.

Destitute single person living alone: RM300.

Destitute single person: RM300.


【Teach you to check if you are getting the BKC Special Assistance for Coronary Diseases: -]

Step 1: First browse the official website of BKC, enter your ID number and verification code, then you are required to enter your password, enter your BPR password to login.

Step 2:After login page, you can see the system shows whether you have gotten the BKC assistance money, if you are successful, the following picture will appear and show the amount you got.


For those who are eligible, remember to follow the above steps to check if you have received the second stage of assistance from November 25 or check your bank account directly. Don’t forget to share the details of the second phase of the BKC Coronary Disease Special Assistance and how to inquire about it with more people.

source: goody25