GrabSupermarket: Another platform for you to shop groceries and get it delivered with zero shipping fees

Grab began piloting GrabSupermarket earlier in November this year. Now, the company has officially launched their delivery-only supermarket for Klang Valley, with over 2,500 products direct from their warehouse and farms.

GrabSupermarket is another grocery-delivery service you can use besides services like HappyFresh and Tesco Online. And like these other services, you too have to book a slot for the next day—instead of getting your groceries right away after you’ve ordered (like GrabMart).

However, a big differences are that there are zero delivery fees. Other services like Tesco charges about RM6 to RM10 for delivery fees. GrabSupermarket also promises next-day delivery—which is a lot more appealing than the other mentioned grocery delivery services, which might only let you book a lot several days in advance because of high-demand.

How to access GrabSupermarket?

  • Download Grab if you haven’t yet on iOS or Android
  • Press ‘Mart’
  • You can press ‘Grocers’ to find the GrabSupermarket option
  • Alternatively, you can type in ‘GrabSupermarket’ in the search bar, or scroll a bit further down in ‘Mart’ to find what you’re looking for
  • Press on ‘GrabSupermarket’
  • You’ll then be able to shop for your groceries and have them delivered to you the next day

The supermarket has basically everything you’d need from your average supermarket. You can get fresh produce like meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and bread, as well as canned goods, frozen goods, household items and lots more.

The price range for something like a chicken breast without skin (480g) costs RM6.99. This actually seems a lot cheaper than Tesco through Happy Fresh—as a packet of chicken fillet (380g) costs RM8.99.

The only thing that’s a little bit of a hassle is that the service is only currently available for delivery at 8pm-9.30pm. You can’t schedule it earlier or later than that, but you can choose to have your groceries delivered on later days.

Source: SoyaCincau

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