Grab is piloting instant delivery for their supermarket

After Grab launched their GrabSupermarket in late 2020, which usually only offers next-day delivery orders, the platform announced that it is piloting instant delivery. Instant delivery for their service will include a “standard delivery fee”, similar to other stores on GrabMart.

“Since its introduction on GrabMart, we have been extremely encouraged by the response, and today we are piloting an instant delivery service for GrabSupermarket to further enhance consumers’ experience on our platform,” said Grab in their press release.

GrabSupermarket launched as a way for customers to order groceries that would be sent to the home the next day—with zero delivery fees. According to Grab, their stock includes “over 2,500 products” including household goods, pantry essentials, beauty and health essentials and freshly-sourced produce, direct from its warehouse and farms.

Now, you’re able to test out instant delivery of GrabSupermarket, which lets you order from the same “supermarket” to get your items on the same day. It would be similar to Grab’s GrabMart feature, which lets you buy and have items sent to your home “instantly”.

“Currently, a high majority of orders from our flagship GrabSupermarket store contain a mix of fresh and non-perishable/FMCG items and these items constitute 40% of a typical GrabSupermarket order. Therefore, the pilot aims to add an additional layer of convenience for consumers who need certain items in a short period of time,” continued Grab.

To order, open the Grab app (iOS, Android) and tap on “Mart” in the search bar. You can then search for GrabSupermarket (instant delivery) and start shopping. However, if you’re like me and live pretty far away from the GrabSupermarket itself (the hub is likely in PJ), the option might not be available to you. The pilot for the new feature is currently only available to users “based on a radius beginning with 7km”, but may gradually increase its availability “in the coming weeks”.

Currently, GrabSupermarket (instant delivery) will not include fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh poultry. But they are “working on the selection”. The delivery fee will be based on distance.

The regular GrabSupermarket store is available for browsing from 7am to 9.30pm daily. As for the GrabSupermarket (instant delivery) store, it will only be operational from 9am to 3pm daily.

Foodpanda also introduced Pandamart in late 2020—in which instead of one big “supermarket” hub like for GrabSupermarket, it includes several smaller “marts” in several locations in Malaysia. While it might not include as many items as offered in GrabSupermarket, it’s a lot more accessible to people in different locations.

Source: SoyaCincau