Facebook's New TikTok-inspired App: Collab

Image credit: Facebook NPE

Facebook’s app-focused New Product Experimentation team on Wednesday introduced the Collab app, a TikTok-style app for making music with friends. Collab is launching as an invite-only beta on iOS, according to a release from the NPE team. With Collab, users can create, watch and mash up original videos and music.

Users don’t need any musical experience to add their own recordings, according to the release. The app allows you to swipe and discover other videos that might complete your composition. Your creations can be shared across platforms and others can mix and match with your creation. Think of it as digital Dadaism.

“Collab has made our team feel closer together, even though we are all apart, and we hope it does the same for you,” Brittany Mennuti, a Facebook product lead, said in the release.

Facebook will be opening up invites in batches, starting with folks in the US and Canada. You can request access by signing up for a waitlist at https://npe.fb.com/collab.

Collab looks to be Facebook’s latest project to help people feel closer to each other and have fun amidst social distancing orders during the coronavirus pandemic. The social media giant also added Messenger Rooms, a new video chat feature that supports up to 50 people at once.

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Source: Cnet

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