Ewallet “Boost” bug deducted my money but transaction failed

I want to buy a bus ticket. I’m use with redBus app to buy previously. Just saw that redBus had been cooperate with Boost ewallet, buying bus ticket and pay with boost will have rebate as below:

I am activate Boost user, therefore I choose for this promotion and rebate to go with my booking. Hence, happen twice of my super unsatisfactory toward Boost eWallet.

  1. Shown unsuccessful top up message cause me top up 3 times but in the end, all those unsuccessful transactions is actually success. Those message cause me over top up my ewallet. The first 2 transactions show failed massage, therefore I continue top up again without checking my balance.

Normally to top up Boost ewallet, I would need to select saved credit card and key in my pin, due to first 2 times top up is showing failed message, then the 3rd time top up, I am required filled in my OTP code.

After I get successful top up for 3rd transactions, I go back check my eWallet balance, then only I realise the first 2 transactions is actually success.

It fine for me to over top up into my eWallet since I’m active user. Then I continue purchase my ticket at redBus app, after everything done but;
2. redBus app didn’t show my booking.

Then I go to check my eWallet it show payment had been deducted.

So I called up redBus, their customer service replied me, they need to take 1 day time to make the transactions shown into my booking.

After 2 days from my booking, still nothing show at redBus and Boost remaining to no refund on failed transaction. So I call again to redBus, they replied me transactions is failed, they will ask Boost refund me the money, but have to wait for 7-10 working days. Then ask me rebooking again and make payment with other option beside Boost. I replied to their customer services, my payment had not refund yet, I don’t have confident to booking via their app at this moment, I rather go to ticket counter buy directly. RedBus replied me in manner way and said their will try to get back to me.

3 hours later, redBus call me back, I’m feel so happy, they take initiative to call me back and update me the status, who know, they inform me, Boost replied them, they cannot found my payment, so I have to personally contact Boost regarding my mystery lost RM25.10.

Then I go to Boost app and open up all their support link, all the standard FAQ. No contact number available to call in.

I understand all applications could have bug, but after user facing bug and cause Then lost of money and cents, should the company have a proper way to handle all this bad user experience? I start having doubt in Boost system. Very disappointed!!!