Bacteria, Covid-19 and other viruses – disinfect your smartphone!

image source: thestar

While everyone has likely heard that a smartphone screen can potentially harbour more germs than a toilet bowl, a recent Australian study showed that, under certain conditions, the new coronavirus can survive for 28 days on a smartphone.

It is therefore highly recommended to clean it at least once a day. It takes just a few seconds and can prevent you from becoming sick.

After months of pandemic, everyone has understood that hand-washing was key to avoid spreading or contracting covid-19. Our hands have to be thoroughly washed, several times a day, but we shouldn’t forget the object that we touch the most during the day – our smartphone.

To clean your smartphone you’ll need a damp cloth (with a tiny bit of soap if possible). Gently rub with the cloth so as not to scratch the screen. After that, you’ll also need a second cloth, a dry one, to finish up the task.

However, cleaning your cellphone does not mean only taking care of its screen. You will have to remove its protection and also wash it thoroughly. The whole device has to be cleaned, the front and back as well as the edges.

However, make sure never to use cleaning products designed for the home, and never put it under a tap. Not a single drop of water should enter the device.

This operation should be repeated regularly, at least once a day during the pandemic. – AFP Relaxnews

Source: thestar