Annuar Musa: Telcos to offer 20GB plan with 3-month validity for RM30, free 4G phones on RM40/month contract

[ UPDATE 15/09/2021 14:20 ]: MCMC has alerted us that the minimum commitment for the device package is RM40/month , not RM60/month as stated earlier.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa has announced the “Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia” which provides affordable mobile data for youths and students to help them with their connectivity needs. The actual plans will be offered by the respective telcos, and eligible youths can register starting from mid-October 2021.

Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia

According to the statement, youths can pay RM30 to get 20GB of data that’s valid for 3 months. The data for this prepaid package can be utilised for anything including downloading videos or for online gaming. Annuar Musa said users can use it for entertainment purposes when they take a break.

In addition to the plan, users are also given free 1GB data daily (Total 90GB for 3 months) for productivity use which is similar to the current offering by telcos. It is also mentioned that users will also get unlimited basic internet but there isn’t much info on the terms and conditions. This could be referring to the throttled basic internet after you’ve depleted your data quota.

The RM30 for 20GB plan is open to youths and students below 21 years old as well as students aged 21 years old and above. IC or student card verification will be required during activation.

Pakej Peranti Keluarga Malaysia

To make new 4G devices more accessible for families, the Ministry has also announced a device package. Under the “Pakej Peranti Keluarga Malaysia”, Malaysians can own or upgrade to a new 4G phone with VoLTE for free with a monthly commitment of RM40/month. The device will be tied to either a 12-month or 24-month contract duration depending on the device and plans being offered.

The device packages will also include free 1GB of data daily for productivity use. Each eligible individual can sign up for a maximum of 2 packages with the same IC number.

The data and device “Keluarga Malaysia” packages will be available for a period of 6 months from 15th October 2021 until 15th April 2022. The Ministry has not revealed the list of participating telcos and we expect the players to reveal their plans and deals by the middle of next month.

Source: SoyaCincau